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Exclusive Benefits Of Green Cardamom

Posted by Admin on February, 10, 2020

Cardamom holds a very unique and special role to Indian taste buds. It is not limited to the tongue only but it has reached their senses too. This popular fragrant spice not only enhances taste layers of your drinks and foods but strongly offers a complete dining experience. The slight sweetish and intense flavor of cardamom is sometimes compared with mint. After being originated in this country, its savory and sweet recipes of bread, curries, liquid, and rice preparations are popular all over the globe. Its extracts, oils, and seeds are also famous for offering exciting medicinal benefits too.

Here are some major health benefits of green cardamoms discussed below.

• Advances digestive health

Cardamom is best known for curing and avoiding digestive problems. In fact, its consumption is good for digestive health too. Cardamom offers a cooling effect to the stomach that helps in reducing acidity. Though it is used as a spice, it treats various gastrointestinal problems including stomach pain, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, and spasms.

• Diuretic and antioxidant

Consumption of cardamom is good for high BP patients. It is mainly due to the high antioxidant nature of this spice. Various study results have shown that the regular consumption of cardamom has successfully increased the antioxidant status of consumers. And, this has a positive link with lowering blood pressure level.

• Eliminates bad breath

Cardamom is antibacterial in nature and thus chewing it can eliminate bad breath from your mouth as it neutralizes dental bacteria. Every green cardamom supplier from Tamil Nadu provides bulk delivery to their clients who produce several mouth fresheners and other such items with this spice.

• Fights cancer symptoms

As per the green cardamom suppliers from Tamil Nadu, the natural elements present in cardamoms helps in fighting the cancer cells. Various animal experiments have shown that this spice has the strength to boost enzyme activities which in turn helps in fighting cancer symptoms.

• Avoids depression

Cardamom has aromatic power which benefits in escaping mental stress and depressed conditions. Just boil a piece of cardamom to make a cup of tea and enjoy its positive results.

• Expectorant

Cardamom makes wonder for those who often suffer from bronchitis and asthma problems. This is mainly because this spice has blood thinning property and also improves blood circulation through the lungs.

• Cures sexual dysfunction

Regular but limited consumption of green cardamoms can turn out to be effective for those who are suffering from sexual dysfunctions like premature ejaculation and impotency. Taking cardamom with honey, milk, and tea can do wonders with their sex life.

Other major benefits –

Cardamom is a popularly used multi-purpose spice which is great for those who are suffering from bad memory and metabolism. Its regular consumption can detoxify their body. It is especially good for women to avoid their unbearable menstrual cramps.

Any green cardamom exporter from Tamil Nadu can offer you the desired quality of this spice which you can use in your food and drinks in the preferable manners. Just make a cup of tea or gulab jamun with it, or prepare any savory dishes like kebabs, pulao, and biryani, you are sure to gain all of its health benefits.

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